Kate Watson's Men's Daily Review

For many years, Kate Watson has run one of the biggest blogs in the world about probiotics.

Her and her team have literally tried and reviewed over 200 different brands!

So obviously we were thrilled when she tried Smart Belly and ranked it as one of her favorite probiotics.

This review is for our Men's Daily product, click here to check out the one she did for our Women's probiotic.

Video Transcript:

Hi Guys! I’m gonna be talking about Smart Belly Men’s Daily Probiotic. So, we ended up giving this probiotic 5 out of 5 stars.

I personally tried the Smart Belly Women’s Daily, but we had a few guys in the office try this out and they absolutely love it.

You can buy it online on the Smart Belly website for $25.95, and you get 30 pearl tablets. So it ends up being about $0.86 a day to take, which is a little bit above average but nothing crazy.

Honestly, the price is so worth it with this one because it’s a very high quality product, especially because it’s unique for men. I really do like that.

There are 30 tablets in here and you’re going to take one pearl tablet daily. You can take it with or without food, so that’s super convenient. And these little pearl tablets, I love these. They’re so easy to take, so easy to swallow.

Everyone that tested them out had no problem getting them down, so I’m just really, really happy with the actual little tablets.

It comes in a little flip top and you don’t have to refrigerate it so that’s one less thing to worry about. So I really like that.

So, for the strain profile, this has 7 probiotic strains and 7 billion CFU per pearl tablet. I love that combination; it is perfect, especially for men’s daily support. It just does a really good job and is very well rounded.

I do like a few strains in particular; one is Acidophilus. That is just like the multi tasker, it does so many different things. It’s been shown to help with digestive support, immune function, it can help with blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and things that we don’t want to have to worry about. So it’s definitely nice to have that in here. Acidophilus also helps with reducing lactose intolerance, so that’s also awesome.

Another strain is here is L-Plantarum. That one has been shown to help with digestion, again more immune support and it can actually help with nutrient absorption.

One other one I wanna bring out is B-Lactis. That has been shown to help with weight loss and it’s kinda like the regulator. It definitely helps keep things moving like they should so you don’t get all stopped up. So you don’t have to worry and this is good again just for daily support, just to keep you as healthy as possible.

One unique thing in here that I love is that it has a prebiotic (FOS). That actually helps feed the probiotic. It just makes it much more effective. So it basically like food for the healthy, friendly bacteria. So I definitely like that.

For the allergy concerns, this one is awesome. It has basically no major allergens and it’s 100% vegetarian, it’s non-GMO, there is no gluten, no soy, yeast, eggs, wheat, nuts, iron or shellfish.

It does contain trace amounts of milk from the fermentation process, but we did talk to Smart Belly and it’s barely traceable. The testers we have, some of them are actually lactose intolerant, and they had no issues. So I was happy about that.

So kinda going into the next part, for the side effects, again, some of our testers are lactose intolerant. They didn’t have any problem, everyone felt great with this.

It’s very easy on the stomach. No one got the gas or bloating that’s sometimes common with probiotics. So everyone just felt so good. So, I’m very, very happy to see that.

Then one last thing is that Smart Belly offers a 60-day no hassle guarantee on all their products. Because sometimes probiotics affect people differently so I love having that option.

So overall, we gave this 5 out of 5 stars, definitely one of my favorite probiotics, very, very high quality.

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