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Smart Belly is proud to be named the "Best Probiotic" of 2021 by  Each year, Kate Watson and her team over there test hundreds of different probiotics and rank them on a number of criteria including effectiveness, purity, strain profile, price and guarantee.  We couldn't be more excited to be included on the list this year and will do everything we can to live up to this award!


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Seem good

Delivery took a while. So, I have only been taking them about a week, but so far, they seem to be okay.

Adult Daily
Really Helps with Stomach

I’ve been having stomach issues for a little over a year now and it seems like nothing helps but these. Since I started taking them I’ve been able to slowly feel like I’m getting back to normal. Thanks smart belly :)

Gentle and Dependable

Of all the probiotics I've tried, Smart Belly is the most gentle and dependable one I've ever used. I recommend it to anyone who just wants a little help, rather than a complete devastating, overhaul!

Best in America!!!

I started using Smart Belly right after my colonoscopy to restart my digestive system and ate lots of vegetables, fruits and a little protein. Also included lots of water being careful to avoid any sugar-water products of any kind. Now I have the best poop ever and don’t have to strain or use any laxatives. Thank you Smart Belly!!

Works Really Well

I can honestly say these are the best probiotics I've ever used. My digestive system started improving in about a week after I used them. I also didn't get any side effects (which I have with other products I bought on Amazon). Bonus-- they're super easy top take as they're very small and round. Happy customer here!

So far, so good

My digestion and elimination seem to be improving so far. I’m only a few weeks in but really like the product so far and will continue using it.

So far... so great!

I am writing this review after taking this product for 2 weeks. I have definitely noticed positive changes in my gut - specifically, less gas, way less bloating and very awesome #2's.. I am looking forward to seeing how this will continue to improve my gut health in the long term.

Great Probiotic

I have tried many probiotic brands. I can tell this one actually works. I have turned my people on to the brand. Including my mother.

Best probiotic I've ever tried

I have tried to take probiotics in the past and they have always made my stomach upset, that is until now. This probiotic is great and does not upset my stomach at all. I have barely been taking any kind of antacids and I was taking them religiously everyday. This is the best probiotic by far and I look forward to having it be part of my daily regimen for years to come!

Been loving Smart Belly so far. I feel more energized throughout the day. I love that I only have to take one a day and that it is shelf-stable. No complaints so far and I'm almost done with my first bottle. Looking forward to feeling the beneficial long-term effects.

Glad I Found Smart Belly

I have tried many over the counter probiotics over the years and was never fully satisfied with the results. After only 3 days of using Smart Belly, I began to see a noticeable difference. Now after 3 weeks, this is the best I have felt in over 2 years. I highly recommend Smart Belly.


I was never regular before these pills. Now I have daily BMs.

Seems good so far

I gave this 4 stars because I have seen a slight improvement however I’m hoping for better results the longer I take them

An Nice Improvement

I had been using other probiotics after a month with C-Diff in late 2019. All the other probiotics I used made my trips to the lavatory much more frequent than I had been accustomed. When I saw your Smart Belly product advertised, I decided to try it. Smart Belly has done good things for my digestive tract. I am returning to a more recognizable schedule. I will be a customer again and again. I also like the design of the capsules and bottle. Instead of pouring several probiotic pills into my hand, I can easily pour just one!

Nice product.

Works well. No problems since taking them.

Simply a great product.

I prefer live foods for probiotics, but wanted to try a supplement for convenience. I have tried many different types of supplement probiotics and really like Smart Belly probiotics. They are easy to swallow being little round pills, are easy to transport with no refrigeration required, and best of all have helped with digestion and assisting with fabulous bowel movements. Snap. In addition, adding this product daily or twice daily has helped boost my immune system. I have chronic leukemia and notice that I fight more low grade infections when I don't take them. Thank you, Smart Belly! Stay well, all.

They work wonders!!!

I have tried a few other probiotics that did not work for me. Smart Belly is the best, I feel so much better.

So far so good

I am only in my first bottle, but my stomach seems to be much happier. After a bout of food poisoning in May, my stomach has been up and down, Good for a few weeks, then something will set it off, and it takes a couple weeks to settle back down. I've self diagnosed myself to possibly have IBS and/or acid reflux. Before I go to the doctor, I want to see if probiotics will help. I'm sure it is good in general to take these daily for the digestive system and immune support as well now that we've got all this Covid floating around. I was one of those who thought the more CFU and strains the better. I was all set to order some from a big name member only store, but decided to read more reviews. I Googled the brand I was going to get and found I read up on what to look for in probiotics and from there I saw their 2020 list of best probiotics and thus found Smart Belly. So glad I stumbled upon this before I ordered the other brand!

Great product

3 weeks and feeling better

Awesomeness in a bottle

It’s only been a few weeks and I’m feeling better. Looking forward to the long term rewards of better health.

Desired Results with Adult Daily!

My wife and I have been taking Smart Belly Probiotics Adult Daily for a few months and are very happy with how our digestive and immune systems have responded. After having read about many other probiotics and the detailed information provided by Smart Belly and the independent review by Probiotics Guide, we were confident to place our first order...we're now placing our third. We have found ordering to be very easy and delivery quick. Thank you!

Works as advertised

Works as advertised. We take it right after dinner.


I've been trying out Smart Belly for the a couple weeks and it seems good so far. I haven't had an "bad belly" days. I've been working up to taking it everyday and I am only doing every other right now. I really like that these don't have to be refrigerated. The other plus for me is that the pill is small and round - it's really nice for someone who hates swallowing horse pills. So far I'm impressed! I intend to give it 3 months to properly test it out.


It might be too soon to tell but since I started taking these, my hormonal acne has lessened! Yay!

Really works

Have been using for several weeks can tell a big difference. Gurd symptoms are gone!

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