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Smart Belly is proud to be named the "Best Probiotics" of 2019 by  Each year, Kate Watson and her team over there test hundreds of different probiotics and rank them on a number of criteria including effectiveness, purity, strain profile, price and guarantee.  We couldn't be more excited to be included on the list this year and will do everything we can to live up to this award!

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Love it

I've been taking this for a month now and I really think it has helped. I feel more regularly in the digestive area as far as eliminating waste. I also feel like I have LESS Acid Reflux symptoms. I try a number of things to reduce flare ups but lately I've been eating pretty high in simple carbs and I am not horribly paying for it. I really think it's due to a good probiotic, because I wasn't on one until the kind I tried before Smart Belly. Anyways, I'll continue to be using these daily :)

95% improvement

Have long standing hiatal hernia which when aggravated makes things tough. Since the 10 day mark everything has improved.
1. I can tolerate garlic and onions in small well cooked amounts.
2. Regularity has returned.
3. Bloat and gas have greatly diminished.
4. No longer irritable. Finally have peace of mind.
I have tried many, but Smart Belly is my best friend!!!.


I am on my second month of using Smartbelly Probiotic. It does help with regularity. Not sure what other benefits I notice. I take it daily to counteract sugar intake and any other unhealthy food I may eat occasionally. Only real thing I can say is it gives peace of mind that I’m helping my gut.

Thank you!

I had done quite a bit of research before choosing a probiotic to help ease my daily nausea and excessive gas pains. Despite multiple probiotic tried and diet changes, nothing seemed to help. This probiotic hit every mark! After just two weeks of use, my nausea is almost non-existent and my gas pangs which came after every snack and meal eaten are gone! I can't believe that I can actually eat now without an upset stomach and pain. I could not be happier with this product and will be taking daily for a long, long time!

Best Probiotic

I have tried a lot of probiotic supplements. Smart Belly is by far been the most effective for me.

Great probiotic for women’s

Love this!

Back in balance

Strong antibiotics to treat Lyme disease left my digestive system way out of balance, so my best friend, a nurse, suggested probiotics. Smart Belly has really made a difference.


I’ve been taking Smart Belly women’s formula for 2 weeks & so far they’ve worked out well. Will continue to use.

I see a minimal change but I’m hoping for more.

Great Product!

I've been using this product for quite some time now, I've noticed that I no longer have the gas rumbling in my stomach or the heart burn that i use to feel. I use to take Pepcid with every meal. I use to suffer from heartburn. Not anymore! I know that this product has helped me. Thank you for such a Great product!

Great product!

I have been very happy so far with the product.

Smart Belly Review

I have periodic stomach issues, including indigestion, IBS, and stomach cramps. Since I've started taking Smart Belly, along with some diet adjustments, my symptoms have decreased dramatically. I highly recommend Smart Belly as a daily supplement!

It Works!

I’ve tried other products, which seemed to have ‘too much’ going on and upset my system, but Smart Belly seems to have the ‘right mix’ of probiotics to balance my system comfortably.

Smart Belly Women's Review

I've been taking Smart Belly Women's since February because I have a nickel allergy and one of the strains is recommended to combat the allergy. I noticed a positive change after 2 weeks. I love how Smart Belly doesn't use soy, rice, and other unnecessary ingredients in their Probiotics. I have a whole of foods to avoid and most Probiotics contain one or two of the foods to avoid. I've been so impressed that I recommended it to a few other women's who have a nickel allergy.

Women's Smart Belly

I love Smart Belly! I'm always very regular, but sometimes my movements have issues. With Smart Belly, so far, every bowel movement has been great ... color, texture, size, consistency. TMI? Nah ... the product is excellent!

Helps with bloat

Smart belly is really helping me with the bloating and I have been having regular bowel movements

Good product

I have not had an upset stomach since I started this product. I used to have them on a regular basis.

Smart Belly for the Win!

I have felt very good since starting the Women's formula. Not only does my stomach not get bloated, but it definitely keeps you regular (in a good way).

Excellent Product

Worked as advertised. My digestive health has improved significantly.


I decided to give Smart Belly probiotics a try after reading all the positive reviews. After a few weeks the probiotics seem to work as well if not better than the previous ones I’ve had. And these cost less than the others so I’ll be sticking with these for the foreseeable future.

Works for me.

I eliminated dairy from my diet. To ensure good gut health I am taking Smart Belly Women's Health. I like the fact that I do not have to refridgerate the pills, this is handy when you travel a lot.

Really Works!

I have tried many different probiotics. These have worked best for me. I have IBS and it has helped. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.


I have only been taking these for a week, but things are going good sofar. I had some cramping at first, but that has subsided. I have been taking probiotics for over a year now and will continue, as the benefits are amazing

Works Great!

I’ve tried a couple probiotics and always felt off taking them.. after 1 month on these my severe stomach pain went away and noticed a difference overall in my digestive health. I’m officially hooked

I ordered more. They are easy to take/store and seem to have really helped my gut problems. They made a difference in 2-3 days.

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