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Smart Belly is proud to be named the "Best Probiotic" of 2021 by  Each year, Kate Watson and her team over there test hundreds of different probiotics and rank them on a number of criteria including effectiveness, purity, strain profile, price and guarantee.  We couldn't be more excited to be included on the list this year and will do everything we can to live up to this award!


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Best Probiotic I've used

I was looking for a probiotic that would me have more regular bowel movements. This is the one!
I am feeling better not being constipated and having all those toxins in me.
Also, I have trouble swallowing pills and I always look for chewables or gummies.
These pills are so small, I can swallow them!
Very happy with overall results.
I have also lost 2 lbs since starting these only a month ago.

Great product!

Probiotic rating

My husband and I have been taking Smart Belly for two weeks now and I think it is helping us. I am anxious to give it some more time so I can more clearly assess how we are doing, but thus far things seem good.

Smart Belly

After trying many probiotics, I was so
Surprised by this product! I take Smart Belly with my meals & bloating
Was no longer present in my stomach. In addition; my stomach has
Begun to shrink, I have stomach issues, now, it is tolerable!’ I informed
My husband about this product, & had
Noticed my weight loss and more active!!!!! I am so grateful & I hope others’ will try this product because it
Works!!!’ Mary Ann, Fort Washington

It Works!

It works for me like no other. Very pleased.

Needed Help!

Started with Probiotics only a few weeks ago and started with two other brands and was really started to wonder if probiotics were right for me. Then I saw a review of Smart Belly and quickly realized that not all probiotics are the same.
I started on my Smart Belly as soon as I received them. The changes and discomfort I was feeling from the other brands were immediately fixed. I now use Smart Belly daily and they are amazing. My stomach feels better and all the discomfort is gone. Love them. Will be reordering my supply and will be suggesting other members of my household join in.

Working So Far

It's been almost a month and it's going well so far. No bad effects. Will need to keep with it for a while longer and hopefully will be able to see more benefits.


This is my second week taking Smart Belly. My constipation has lessened, but I still have gas and acid stomach. I am looking for much improvement. Thank you for the follow-up.

No discomfort

Been taking these for a few weeks now, and I’ve not had any adverse effects from them as I have with other brands. I’ve started to see benefits in my digestion as well. Will definitely be ordering more.

No more bloating!

I've been taking these every day for about a month now and I'm so happy with my results! I'm going to the bathroom more regularly, and my constant bloating has gone! I feel 10 pounds lighter it seems. I do still bloat pretty badly during my monthly cycle, but that is a different kind of bloat anyway. I'm amazed at how much more comfortable my stomach feels since I've been taking these. Now, if I can just get my nutrition and exercise on track I bet I will feel like a whole new person. I will definitely be ordering these again!!

Heavyweight Champ

While other probiotic products promise this and that, Smart Belly delivers results. Those results will vary from person to person, but when you stick to their recommended plan, you can have the same positive results that I am seeing. It's part of healthy lifestyle. I have already recommended Smart Belly to others.

Great gut immune support!

I have an immunodeficiency from chronic leukemia, so I’ve had way too many rounds of antibiotics and need gut rehab often.
Smart Belly probiotics seem to do the trick of restoring good digestion and without any bloating or unwanted reactions-as some yeasts in probiotics can cause.
I’ve tried them all, am sensitive to dairy, and can honestly say that these are the most gentle and beneficial that I have found.
Thank you!

Bloating gone

With other probiotics I tried, my
bloating was a perpetual problem. With Smart Belly my bloating has finally come under control.

Great product!

My son and I just stated taking these new probiotics and so far they are working nicely. I really liked having some communication from SmartBelly about how to use them right after I placed my order. I also really like that they are shelf stable and easy to swallow. Thank you!

Adult Daily
Happy I Ordered

So far I am very happy with the smart belly probiotics. They immediately started to help me with bloating and I have not been having heartburn. I only wished they would have shipped faster.

Working well!

Smart Belly is a great probiotic! This so far has been working & I am about to reorder


After just two weeks Smart Belly seems to be doing more for digestion than Probiotics that were taken for many months.

Seem good

Delivery took a while. So, I have only been taking them about a week, but so far, they seem to be okay.

Adult Daily
Really Helps with Stomach

I’ve been having stomach issues for a little over a year now and it seems like nothing helps but these. Since I started taking them I’ve been able to slowly feel like I’m getting back to normal. Thanks smart belly :)

Gentle and Dependable

Of all the probiotics I've tried, Smart Belly is the most gentle and dependable one I've ever used. I recommend it to anyone who just wants a little help, rather than a complete devastating, overhaul!

Best in America!!!

I started using Smart Belly right after my colonoscopy to restart my digestive system and ate lots of vegetables, fruits and a little protein. Also included lots of water being careful to avoid any sugar-water products of any kind. Now I have the best poop ever and don’t have to strain or use any laxatives. Thank you Smart Belly!!

Works Really Well

I can honestly say these are the best probiotics I've ever used. My digestive system started improving in about a week after I used them. I also didn't get any side effects (which I have with other products I bought on Amazon). Bonus-- they're super easy top take as they're very small and round. Happy customer here!

So far, so good

My digestion and elimination seem to be improving so far. I’m only a few weeks in but really like the product so far and will continue using it.

So far... so great!

I am writing this review after taking this product for 2 weeks. I have definitely noticed positive changes in my gut - specifically, less gas, way less bloating and very awesome #2's.. I am looking forward to seeing how this will continue to improve my gut health in the long term.

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