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Smart Belly is proud to be named the "Best Probiotics" of 2019 by  Each year, Kate Watson and her team over there test hundreds of different probiotics and rank them on a number of criteria including effectiveness, purity, strain profile, price and guarantee.  We couldn't be more excited to be included on the list this year and will do everything we can to live up to this award!

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Being patient

I have not seen much difference yet after a couple of weeks, but I am willing to give it some more time. I hope to see better results after 1 month of taking this probiotic.


I have only been taking these for a week, but things are going good sofar. I had some cramping at first, but that has subsided. I have been taking probiotics for over a year now and will continue, as the benefits are amazing

Works Great!

I’ve tried a couple probiotics and always felt off taking them.. after 1 month on these my severe stomach pain went away and noticed a difference overall in my digestive health. I’m officially hooked

Haven’t begun, using up what I had.

I ordered more. They are easy to take/store and seem to have really helped my gut problems. They made a difference in 2-3 days.

A Noticeable Difference!

These probiotics have made a noticeable difference. I have been taking these for about two months and they have made a big difference for me. I was taking other probiotics before, but after taking these I feel much better!

Very Happy :)

I've struggled finding a probiotic my kids will actually like. But no more! My kids love the taste of these and they've helped settle my kids' stomachs after they eat. Our doctor recommended probiotics for the kids and I'm really happy I found Smart Belly. Very happy overall :)


These tablets have worked even better than I was anticipating. For what seems like forever I've had some annoying digestive issues. I tried changing my diet, and while that helped some, I was still wasn't completely happy. I ordered a few bottles of these and I can say they really do help. My issues don't pop up as often and when they do, they're not as big a deal. These have really worked for me.

They work!

These are one of the only probiotics I've ever used that work. I can tell a difference in the way I feel, especially my stomach. I will continue to use these.

Good results

Started taking this about 2 months ago and ago and have got really good results. My stomach feels better and trips to the bathroom are a lot more pleasant ;) These have become part of my morning routine now

Great for digestion

I've had different stomach problems petty much my entire life. One of my friends recommended these (even though I've tried other probiotics before), and I've definitely noticed great improvement. They really help with digestion and have lessened my bloating quite a bit.

Really helped

I had a mild case of candida and these really helped. Since I started taking them, I haven't noticed anymore symptoms. These are also really easy on my stomach. I take them with food

Five stars

These have worked terrific for me. I take one in the morning and forget about it the rest of the day. Since I've started these, my digestion has been a thousand times better. I'm glad I found this brand.

Good experience so far

I've been using these for about 2 months and have really noticed a difference. My stomach feels great and hasn't been hurting as much as it usually does. I also had some heartburn issues that completely went away!


These probiotics have been really effective for my family. I bought the 3 month package for myself, husband and our 5 year old daughter. We all love how we've been feeling and it's nice only taking one a day. Highly recommended if you're looking for an easy, daily probiotic. P.S. my daughter loves the taste of the children's chewable :)


These probiotics have been really effective for my family. I bought the 3 month package for myself, husband and our 5 year old daughter. We all love how we've been feeling and it's nice only taking one a day. Highly recommended if you're looking for an easy, daily probiotic

only ones I use

I've tried a lot of probiotics for my my health in general and stomach problems. Out of all of them, Smart Belly is the only one that did anything. I took them religiously for about a month, and my health has noticeably improved. I will continue taking these

My new favorite

I've tried over a dozen different probiotics over the last few years. Most either did nothing for my stomach problems or even caused things to get worse. After doing a bunch of research and seeing all the great reviews, I decided to try Smart Belly. To my surprise these actually worked! Within a few days, my indigestion and heartburn went down considerably. So much so that I stopped using Tums after meals. I've been really happy with how these have worked and bought some for my husband too. I'd recommend these to anyone, especially if you haven't had much luck with other brands.

These work really well

I've been using the Women's Daily probiotics for about a month and really like how they work. My digestion has been a lot better (especially with "cheat day" meals) and I have more energy in the afternoons at work. Happy customer :)

Love These!

I bought these for both me and my husband and the way we've been feeling has been terrific. I have a lot more energy and am able to better digest some of the foods that have given me trouble in the past.

surprised how fast these worked

I was pleasantly surprised by how fast these worked for me. I started taking them on a Tuesday and by Thursday my stomach was feeling a little better. A month later and I can say these have really made a difference.

Good probiotic

These work really well for me. I like taking probiotics with cranberry in them so this one's perfect :)

Can feel the diference right away

I started taking these and felt a difference RIGHT away! My stomach felt more settled and I didn't have any issues after eating a big dinner (and having a drink or two ;) These have been very effective and I'll continue taking one a day. I've tried a few other brands like Align and Trubiotics but Smart Belly is giving me better results.

Great results

These have worked extremely well since I started taking them a few weeks ago. I was having some issues with candida, and this really seems to have cleared it up. I'm so happy I found these!

Very effective so far

I bought these while I was here buying some probiotics for my child. These really do seem to be helping with some occasional indigestion and heartburn I get. I also like how you only need to take one a day. The only reason I gave them 4 instead of 5 stars is they're a little bit pricey. But overall I'm very pleased.

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